Getting Revenge on Your Ex

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They say success is the best revenge but that’s only true if you’re not trying to get revenge. Anything you do to purposefully show off for your ex is always transparent, and typically makes you look desperate and it gives away your power.

If you post Facebook, Twitter or Instagram photos of you with someone else, or looking fabulous and carefree partying with a group of people, that will only make you look insensitive or possibly even narcissistic.

All that negative energy you’re focusing on getting back at him or her for hurting you is causing you to neglect yourself. Turn all that obsessive thinking into brainstorming how to improve your life. Start checking off items on your neglected “to do” list” and soon you won’t even care what your ex is doing. That is the best revenge…letting go and not needing someone who isn’t smart enough to want you.

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