Feeling Lost Without Your Ex? Take Back
Your Power

There is no guaranteed way to get your ex back, because people have free will. Stop focusing on things you can't control. Decide you want to stop living in limbo and focus on taking your power back instead.

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About me

I'm really good at helping people through breakups. I've actually walked in many of your shoes. I've struggled with abandonment issues and have endured more than my share of loss and heartbreak, even abuse. I fully understand feeling broken and I am tremendously compassionate. 

I've also lived a very charmed and exciting life, filled with love. I have studied psychology, and Neuroplasticity - the brain's ability to change and adapt due to experience. I'm NYU certified, however, I can promise you there has been no better teacher than my personal experiences, mostly because of the dozens of devastating breakups I personally suffered through (and caused) over three decades — knowledge was the only thing that made me feel better, so each and every painful experience further enriched my ability to help you. 

Going through a breakup is not just about getting past losing someone, it's about finding yourself again, and Donna seamlessly glided me through this.


Westport, Connecticut

Why You Need My Action Plan

I call my proven coaching method Broken to Brave. This breakup is actually the best thing to happen to you because it will make you stronger. The painful truth is that there is no quick fix to stop hurting from your breakup. You can’t control what your ex does; and if you try, it makes you feel helpless, but shifting your focus to taking care of you makes you feel empowered. Nothing changes if nothing changes, now is your chance to create positive change.

Your Relationship Died

You're in denial now. Probably wanting to bargain with your ex to try again. Maybe a little angry too, feeling depressed. Everyone handles grief in their own way and at their own pace. But I'll be there for you, giving you answers and virtually holding your hand. You will heal when you accept that it is over, at least for now.

Use Your Pain to Grow

While you're asking yourself what's wrong with you that your ex doesn't want you anymore, use this pain to self-evaluate and identify your true self. You'll feel better if you raise your self-esteem and take responsibility for what you do right and wrong in your relationships. Then change your patterns, and set SMART Goals, so you can become the best version of yourself.

Decide You Want Better

I will help you recognize exactly what went wrong with your ex and what would be best for you now. If that does turn out to be your ex, we'll make sure you fix what had broken so this time your relationship can last forever. But more likely, you'll decide you don't want the person who caused you so much pain. You'll want better.


Fix Your Most Important Relationship

Stop wasting loving energy on your ex and focus your attention on taking great care of you. Your relationship with yourself is the only relationship you have complete control of.

 Take action to truly love yourself and raise your self-esteem, so you can change your pattern and make better choices. Like attracts like, as you get healthier, you'll be attracted to a healthier person...and healthier people will be very attracted to you.

I'll help you get ready to meet someone right for you, who will never want to hurt you.

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more About me

My first real heartbreak came as a teenager when I suddenly lost my Mom. I escaped to New York City with a modeling agency, in the 80s when Manhattan was a pretty wild place. I studied acting/human behavior, then moved to Los Angeles in the 90s, when "Me Too" was accepted as the casting couch. I was pretty selfish and broke a lot of hearts, until I had my heart ripped out at age 30, before "ghosting" was even a term and there was no internet to search for answers.

By 2001, I had gotten so good at dating I was asked to be in a reality show called, "The Real Sex & the City". That lead to co-hosting a talk show about sex & relationships and by the end of that decade I was writing my first magazine column, had been through NYU and was now coaching others. I published my book and became the relationship expert for Good Morning America.

Over 30+ years I’ve tried everything. I can tell you first-hand what does and doesn’t work. I have now coached hundreds of men and women, and LGBTQ2+, since 2007, which makes me uniquely qualified to understand and support you - so you can do it better.

Take a closer look

I'll tell you THE TRUTH about your breakup...

"The only time I feel better is when I'm talking to you!"


Hoboken, NJ

"Beyond expectations"

"My appointment with you was beyond expectations. Your insight, knowledge and personal experiences combine to offer much more than anyone I've previously met with."


Lansdale, PA

"Spot on advice"

"No one should feel alone or lost as I initially did during my breakup. Donna was the one who enabled me to feel that I could make it through, and I did, with all of her spot on advice."


Los Angeles, CA

"Piece of mind is priceless!"

"Donna is an excellent person and personal coach! I suffer from anxiety and as soon as my ex reached out I went into panic mode. Donna was there for me within minutes and I felt instant relief!! Not only did she listen but she knew exactly what to say and do to get the results I needed! Thanks to her not only did I get my ex to chase me and regret the breakup but also helped me realize my worth! Thank you Donna!! YOU ROCK!! "


Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"This is the best coaching program!"

"Although my experience with a psychiatrist and other counselor were helpful, neither of them were able to show me which options truly existed, and how to make the right decisions. Donna always had the right advice, and as we all know, during a breakup we sometimes can't seem to keep it together. 

Donna made sure I didn't fall apart, she was available when I needed her which is priceless during a breakup (unlike the other counselors), and kept me moving in a positive, healthy, and happy direction."

Lisa - New York, NY

How to Get Over Your Ex
 without Fear You Can't Find Better

Stop obsessing over what went wrong and how you can get your ex back. Quit looking back at things you cannot change and start focusing on creating the future you desire. 

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Benefit 1

Like attracts like. As you become more confident and feel desirable, you'll be attracted to and attract a healthier partner.  

Benefit 2

Healthy boundaries, effective communication. and self-awareness help your next relationship last forever - your ex or someone new.

Benefit 3

Feeling loved by the person you love makes you feel whole and complete. A supportive partner makes you feel like you can accomplish anything.

100% Confidential

If you’re hurting or simply confused about what to do or think, I offer an unbiased, sympathetic ear to give you insight into what went wrong and help you process what you’re feeling.

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