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Breakup Services I offer

Let's work together to help you Feel Better

Virtual Coaching

Online coaching program

one-on-one coaching

My Coaching is 100% Confidential, Unbiased, and Nonjudgmental.

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Let's work together

Virtual Coaching

Zoom, Skype, or Phone. We'll speak one-on-one, ASAP.

We'll speak within 24 hours, frequently immediately, even at night and on weekends. The initial call is up to 90 minutes, or as long as you want with the optional 3-hour add-on package. Use the extra time however you like. Hours never expire. Includes free in-between support via text.

After purchase, you'll get the option for my support in perpetuity by adding my Breakup Recovery Action Plan 50% off.

Let's work together

Online coaching program

Masterclass to recover at your own pace, 24/7. Lifetime Access.

My most complete coaching program with Step-By-Step Actions to take to feel empowered, and become the best version of yourself.

10+ hours of coaching, 80 individual videos with private, personal & client stories, spread out thoughtfully in easy to follow actions, to keep you moving forward, accepting the truth about your ex, throughout my 90-day Action Plan. Plus, you can add discounted personal coaching at any time.

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Let's work together

One-on-one coaching

We'll meet in person over a meal or coffee, for up to 3 hours, in New York City, Philadelphia, or any of the surrounding areas.

I'm fully vaccinated. We can meet outside if you prefer. I do have a car and can travel to meet you.

I provide a laid back, friendship/mentor meeting, so I can experience you as you are naturally, to give you the best advice for you. I'll listen to your situation and give you actions to help you move forward.

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Why I do what I do

In 2001, I went to a party, and it changed my life. I was asked to be in a reality show called, "The Real Sex & the City". That lead to co-hosting 205 episodes of a talk show called Naked New York, about sex & relationships, and by the end of that decade I was writing my first magazine column, had been through NYU and was now coaching others how to have better relationships. I published my book, Giving Up Junk-Food Relationships, and became the relationship expert for Good Morning America.

Clients tell me I give them a unique perspective — a combination of practical hindsight, intelligence, and academic knowledge. It’s incredibly validating when they call to simply say, “You were right!” I can’t help but think, “It’s about time I got it right.” After five eventful decades, I feel I have earned the title dating, relationship, and breakup expert. My favorite part is helping people make better choices than I did.

You're very easy to talk to and enthusiastic about what you teach.


New York, New York

More Testimonials From Previous Clients

If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you, it's yours, if not it never was.
- Anonymous

"No one should feel alone or lost as I initially did during my breakup. Donna was the one who enabled me to feel that I could make it through, and I did, with all of her spot on advice."

karen, Los Angeles, CA

"I reached out to Donna and after just a first phone call felt deeply understood, which meant everything at that moment."

Laura, Miami, Florida

"I really want to thank you for all your help and support, and answering my emails and meeting me at random times etc. I realize I was able to achieve more with you in only 13 hours than I was able to achieve with all the other coaches I had worked with in 40+ combined hours of coaching."

Braeden, London, England

"I wish I would of come across your advice earlier. I bet half the population are making these mistakes but don't know it."

Tina, New York, NY

"During 2017, I met and fell deeply in love with the man of my dreams. Not only was he extremely handsome, but he was also caring, compassionate, and an amazing friend. I couldn't have been happier. However, after four months, the relationship suddenly drifted and I sensed an unforeseen break-up headed my way.

Wanting to save the relationship, and thinking its demise was entirely my fault, I engaged Donna Barnes for guidance and support. Donna was absolutely amazing - she took the time to coach me about the status of the relationship, why certain events were happening, my emotions, and how to regain my strength when the relationship finally ended.

I found Donna's insight, feedback, and advice to be spot-on. I have since healed and I am now ready to date again, something I never thought possible several months earlier. Donna's coaching was very valuable to me and I now consider her a close and great friend."

Ryan, Chicago, Il

"Although my experience with a psychiatrist and other counselor were helpful, neither of them were able to show me which options truly existed, and how to make the right decisions. Donna always had the right advice, and as we all know, during a breakup we sometimes can't seem to keep it together. Donna made sure I didn't fall apart, she was available when I needed her which is priceless during a breakup (unlike the other counselors), and kept me moving in a positive, healthy, and happy direction."

Lisa, New York, NY

"Donna is an excellent person and personal coach! She made herself available for me Just a few minutes after booking my emergency coaching! I suffer from anxiety and as soon as my ex reached out I went into panic mode. Donna was there for me within minutes and I felt instant relief!! Not only did she listen but she knew exactly what to say and do to get the results I needed! Thanks to her not only did I get my ex to chase me and regret the breakup but also helped me realize my worth! Piece of mind is priceless! I’m so happy I found you! Thank you Donna!! YOU ROCK!! "

Maria, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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