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I want you to make the most of my free gift to you. Be sure to watch the video above or click this link:

I have succinctly shared my top 13 best life lessons to help your relationships. Download the video and accompanying blueprint to remind you how you can be happier.

Step 2: Download My  Blueprint Guide

I've prepared the perfect printable guide for you to hang on the fridge for you and your partner (and kids) to incorporate my 13 life lessons to help your relationship at a glance.

Let's work together to help you Feel Better

My Coaching is 100% Confidential, Unbiased, and Nonjudgmental.

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Let's work together

Virtual Coaching

Zoom, Skype, or Phone. We'll speak one-on-one, ASAP.

We'll speak within 24 hours, frequently immediately, even at night and on weekends. The initial call is up to 90 minutes, or as long as you want with the optional 3-hour add-on package. Use the extra time however you like. Hours never expire. Includes free in-between support via text.

After purchase, you'll get the option for my support in perpetuity by adding my Breakup Recovery Action Plan 50% off.

Let's work together

Online coaching program

Masterclass to recover at your own pace, 24/7. Lifetime Access.

My most complete coaching program with Step-By-Step Actions to take to feel empowered, and become the best version of yourself.

10+ hours of coaching, 80 individual videos with private, personal & client stories, spread out thoughtfully in easy to follow actions, to keep you moving forward, accepting the truth about your ex, throughout my 90-day Action Plan. Plus, you can add discounted personal coaching at any time.

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Breakup Coaching in a quiet coffee shop

Let's work together

One-on-one coaching

We'll meet in person over a meal or coffee, for up to 3 hours, in New York City, Philadelphia, or any of the surrounding areas.

I'm fully vaccinated. We can meet outside if you prefer. I do have a car and can travel to meet you.

I provide a laid back, friendship/mentor meeting, so I can experience you as you are naturally, to give you the best advice for you. I'll listen to your situation and give you actions to help you move forward.

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