How to Be Happy Without a Relationship

DonnaBarnes We Broke Up 2 Comments

Loneliness – that feeling that comes when you’re alone and don’t want to be. The yearning to share your heart and life and body with another is the most human and natural of desires. But if it’s gnawing at you day and night it can be one of the most painful and debilitating emotions you can know. I assure you it is possible to be happy without a relationship.

Stop putting your happiness in the hands of someone else. Only you can make you happy!

The only way you can be part of a true partnership is by becoming a complete person who functions independently, on your own, without needing a partner to make you whole. That means getting in touch with your inner thoughts and feelings, standing up for yourself, taking responsibility for all your actions, and making conscious, healthy choices. Your first choice must always be to take care of you. When you leave things up to hope, chance, or someone else, you’re giving away your power.

Ways to Reclaim Your Power:

  1. Affirmations: Write your own and repeat them aloud thrice daily. Make them short, simple and positive, like: I am strong and lovable. You are what you think you are!
  2. Go Date Yourself!: Stop waiting for a date to do things with, plan a date for yourself and take yourself out. The restaurant you most want to eat at, the show you most want to see, wear the outfit you’ve been saving for a special occasion.
  3. Get in touch with your body: When your body feels good, you feel good. Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel better and help you sleep. Go work out; jog; swim; do yoga; dance, put down that comfort food and move!
  4. Spirituality: Feel your connection to your “Higher Power”, whatever that means to you: to the Universe, God, to the Eternal as you may experience it. The power of Self Love is greater than mere romantic love and can give you strength unlike you’ve ever known before. What goes around comes around, and the energy you put out is what you get back. If you project positive energy, you’ll “pull in” positive things.
  5. Friend Energy: Find other ways to fill your need for companionship. Friends and family, rather than lovers, are the true backbone of one’s social existence. Reconnect with the people who care about you.

It’s good to have hope. True hope means you believe in yourself. That’s excellent! Just don’t just leave your hope hanging out there as a dream; that’s putting your power in someone else’s hands. Turn your dreams into goals, and use your desire to inspire actions that can help you reach those goals. If you want a quality man or woman, then make your goal about becoming a great partner. Make yourself the best that you can be. Acknowledge that Prince Charming doesn’t exist. Decide to become Prince or Princess Self-Empowered.