When and How to Leave a Relationship

DonnaBarnes Fix Our Issues 7 Comments

Love can conquer all. It sounds so simple, right? Wrong! One of the hardest concepts to accept is that loving someone just isn’t enough. Too many men and women allow themselves to become doormats because they believe true love will triumph. They’re convinced that there will never be another person they will love as much, so they hang on to their relationship even when their love is not appropriately returned or appreciated. They make all sorts of excuses for their partner’s bad or even abusive behavior, all in the name of love. But that’s not real love. That’s the kind of dysfunction that gives love a bad name. Love isn’t supposed to hurt. True love feels great! It helps keep you happy and in good health, and it helps you feel empowered.

The beginning of a relationship is exciting and fun. You can have a great time together and get along great because none of your personal issues have come to the surface yet. Your true feelings don’t begin until the infatuation stage ends. And more often than not your true feelings are very different than they were in the first two months. That’s why most relationships only last three to six months.

Too many people hang on to a lover who has changed hoping with all their heart to recapture who he or she was in the beginning. But that wasn’t the reality of who he or she is. And it will never go back to how it was before their true feelings kicked in. It can still be good but it will be different. You need to let go of the fantasy of the past. The present is your reality, and if it’s not making you happy then you need to let go.

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