Do I Have Only One Soul Mate?

DonnaBarnes We Broke Up 1 Comment

Finding the love of your life, your one soul mate, can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. So when you deeply connect with someone it’s extremely hard to let go if it doesn’t work out. But if you decide to think that was your only chance at true love you’re only keeping yourself alone and in pain. So I’m encouraging you to change your thinking.

I promise you, it is absolutely possible to connect with someone new if you are open to the possibility. In fact, if you take the time to learn from what went wrong in this relationship and work on some of your issues you’ll find that you’ll be attracted to someone better. Like attracts like so the healthier you become to healthier mate you’ll be attracted to, and will also be attracted to you.

A painful breakup can be a gift if you use it to grow. Most people don’t like to do personal growth work but if they’re in pain they will reach out for help to get past it. And they usually make important discoveries about themselves. So if that is you now I hope you will take this opportunity to read some self-help books and or talk to someone. You can even talk to me.

Letting go of the idea that you only have on soul mate opens up your future to find happiness again. It’s been my experience that men I previously believed were the love of my life were in reality just stepping stones to get me to the best relationship of my life.  That can happen for you too.