How to Survive the Weekends After a Breakup

DonnaBarnes We Broke Up Leave a Comment

What is my ex doing without me this weekend? Is he or she with someone else? Does s/he even miss me? Those kind of thoughts are one of the hardest parts of a breakup — but you can survive, and even be happy if you choose to think about better things, and do not think about him/her at all!

Don’t cyberstalk his/her social media pages, don’t imagine who he/she is with, and don’t talk about your ex at all!

Make plans of your own and keep yourself busy so you don’t have time to obsess about your ex.  Get to the gym or go for a run, exercise will definitely make you feel better. Try a new sport or volunteer at an animal shelter. Do things that you couldn’t have done when you were with your ex.

Get together with friends you never get to see and talk about your new future with excitement. If you haven’t seen them they don’t need to know any details of your relationship. Just bottom line it like, it just didn’t work out. I’m moving on! Act like it was you who wanted the relationship to end. You are what you think you are. So think you’re happy and you will be.

Keep your thoughts in the present — only think about the present and making goals for your future. The past is the past, leave it there and keep moving forward. A much better life is waiting for you when you stop thinking about your ex.