Best Way to Make Your Ex Leave You Alone

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If you have broken up with someone who is not letting go and won’t stop contacting you, the best way to make your ex leave you alone is to send him/her a very clear message that you are done.

As a breakup coach, most of my clients come to me to try to get their ex back. They are holding on to the hope that with a little bit of space their ex will reunite with them. But that is rarely the case. The people who don’t get help waste too many days, weeks, months, and even years pining for someone who has left them. All the time hoping with all of their heart that the one that got away will return to be the love of their life.

So if you are that ex the most compassionate thing you can do to help your jilted lover move on is to release her/him with no uncertainty — you are done and it is over. Do NOT leave the door open for any possibility of being with you again in the future. Hope is a destructive emotion when it’s placed on someone who is unavailable. You need to be firm and don’t try to spare her/his feelings.

The easiest way is to send her/him the gift of my Breakup Recovery Action Plan

You can add an optional message that I recommend saying something like, “I am sending you this gift to release you and help you move on with your life. I truly wish you well but please accept that we truly are done.”

I will help your ex to stop contacting you, to accept that your relationship is over, and to become the best version of her/his self. I believe sending your ex this gift is the most compassionate, and most effective way for you to move on with your life.