Breakup With Your Frenemies

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Do you have a friend that you don’t really like but you stay friends with anyway?

The very nature of the word “frenemy” which is a merging of the completely opposite words “friend” and “enemy” should tell you it’s not a good relationship. But frenemies are more than just bad friends; they’re actually toxic to you because energy is contagious. I strongly encourage you to break up with all your frenemies.

6 Types of Frenemies

  • The VAMPIRE – Drains your energy by constantly complaining to you about their problems but never utilizing any of your advice or taking action to improve.
  • The SELFISH TAKER – Always needs your help with things but is conveniently never available when you need help.
  • The CRITICAL BLAMER – Puts you down, points out your flaws, makes jokes at your expense, and blames you for anything that goes wrong or is making him/her unhappy.
  • The COMPETITOR – Always tries to one up you, is jealous of things you have or do well at, and is never really happy for you when you succeed.
  • The IRRESPONSIBLE RISK-TAKER – Pushes you to do things you know is wrong. Does things that make you uncomfortable.
  • The BOSSY CONTROLLER – Tries to control what you do, say, think, wear, or who you spend time with. Everything is always his/her way.


Commonality is what makes a relationship last. That means you have the same ethics, values, and goals; in addition to liking to do the same things. You need friends who have commonality with you who care about your feelings, who are supportive, loving, and understanding; the kind of friend that you can truly trust and will always have your back.

So if you have any frenemies you need to break up with them. You can do it nicely by telling them you’re just different kinds of people and aren’t a good fit to be friends. You can wish him/her all the best but then say a firm goodbye.

Energy is contagious. If you allow toxic people to be your friends their energy will ruin your life. Hold strong boundaries and put your own needs first. Choose friends who make your life better, who will stand by you for better or for worse — for a lifetime.