How to Tell Someone You Don’t Want a Future Together

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If you know the person you’re dating is crazy about you but you also know you don’t want a future with her than the compassionate thing to do is end it and stop wasting her time. Hurting someone a little now is better than devastating them later.

The old, “It’s not you is me” is still the best way to end  relationship.

You can start by telling her that she is a good person and you don’t want to hurt her, but she is ahead of you emotionally and you’re just not on the same page about your relationship. And you’re letting her go so she can find someone who can give her what she wants.

Do NOT leave the door open for any possibility of being with you again in the future. Depending on her feelings for you any small opening you leave is what she will hang on to. Hope is a destructive emotion when it’s placed on someone who is unavailable. Don’t be selfish, if you don’t deeply care about her be compassionate and let her go completely.

If she tries to talk you into staying together be firm and tell her it does not work for you. But do not ever tell anyone you’re just not attracted to them. That’s cruel and there is no need to hurt anyone’s self-esteem.