Be compassionate and do not leave the door open if you're done with the relationship.

How to Tell Someone You Don’t Want a Future Together

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If you know the person you’re dating is crazy about you but you also know you don’t want a future with her than the compassionate thing to do is end it and stop wasting her time. Hurting someone a little now is better than devastating them later. The old, “It’s …

Breakup the right way. Have integrity! What goes around does always come back around.

How to Breakup the RIGHT Way, NOT by Ghosting

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Have you ever had your heart broken? I believe that is a defining question. Post-heartbreak, many of my clients experiencing it for the first time have had epiphanies. All of a sudden, they felt sorry for how they behaved or for things they had said to past lovers before they …

Going from a committed relationship to just sex should feel demeaning.

Should I Have Sex With My Ex?

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Sex can be an awful lot like comfort food. In the moment, it’s all about pleasure. It’s hot, fun, and yummy—sometimes even decadent—and the consequences are far from any present concern. But when it’s over, you might not be left feeling comfortable. You may even feel a lot worse. If …