Is Your Kryptonite Destroying Your Relationship?

DonnaBarnes Fix Our Issues 1 Comment

Can’t stop thinking about someone you can’t have? Feel like you’re settling in some way for the relationship you’re in? That’s what I call Relationship kryptonite.

Perhaps it’s your ex that you haven’t gotten over, “the one that got away”. Or frequently it’s a one night stand, or a fabulous date that you just can’t stop thinking about. That person who makes your heart skip a beat when you hear their name or see their picture. The person you would leave your current relationship for if you could finally have a full relationship with them. That’s your Kryptonite.

Kryptonite makes even strong people weak. It’s something you MUST stay away from. All it is doing for you is preventing you from being truly happy.

If you’re lucky enough to currently be in a relationship with someone wonderful focus all your thoughts and attention on him/her. Stop allowing your thoughts to run “highlight reels” of the person you miss. Your thoughts really do create your feelings. Out of reach, out of mind needs to be your mantra. Spend your time focused on yourself and your available lover. Write a gratitude list of all the things you like about this person, and read it daily.

Years really do fly by quickly and you can’t afford to waste time obsessing about someone who isn’t in your daily life. I promise you, that will cause you to end up alone and unhappy. You don’t want to lose the person who could make you really happy. All you have to do is focus your thoughts where they should be — on the person you can have. Keep telling yourself how sexy and attractive he/she is, you will start to believe it.