Forgive or Get Out

Forgive or Forgo

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  Forgive and forget is much easier said than done when you feel betrayed or unloved. When you’re unable to get past something that your partner did, or didn’t do, it’s easy to become passive aggressive. The impulse to punish your partner for hurting you is certainly understandable. However, make …

Enabling addiction by giving money

Are You An Enabler? Quiz

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Truly loving someone means you want the best for them. However, giving them everything they want is far from what’s best for anyone. It creates codependence. And makes you an enabler. When you’re given things instead of having to work hard to achieve them for yourself you don’t learn anything. …

Are you focused on something other than your relationship

Do You Know if You’re Self Absorbed?

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After a breakup, it’s easy to have 20/20 vision about what you could have done differently to save the relationship. But how about while you’re still in the relationship? Being self absorbed will destroy your relationship. If your current partner is important to you then you need to make sure …

Take my ex back? Ot stay in new relationship?

Should I Take My Ex Back? Or Stay With My New Love?

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After a breakup, most people don’t stop thinking about their ex until they fall in love with someone else. Therefore, when you first meet someone new you may still have feelings for your ex. That can really complicate things if your ex decides s/he wants to get back together with …

Are you hung up on someone you can't have?

Is Your Kryptonite Destroying Your Relationship?

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Can’t stop thinking about someone you can’t have? Feel like you’re settling in some way for the relationship you’re in? That’s what I call Relationship kryptonite. Perhaps it’s your ex that you haven’t gotten over, “the one that got away”. Or frequently it’s a one night stand, or a fabulous …

You shoudl never look at your partner's phone

Looking at Your Partner’s Phone

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If you feel the need to look at your partner’s phone there is something wrong; either with your relationship, or with you. Under no circumstance is it appropriate for you to snoop in your lover’s phone. It’s a violation of his/her boundaries. It damages trust. Once trust is gone it’s …

Are you in limbo waiting for something to change about your relationship?

Are You in Limbo?

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Are you waiting for something to happen that is out of your control? Like for your ex to come back, to get married, or move forward? That’s being in limbo, and limbo sucks. Take your power back. Make a strong choice that you want something better. Take action and/or walk …

Don't Let Your Best Conversation Be Your Last

Don’t Let Your Best Conversation Be Your Last

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Too many people are afraid to tell their partner their wants, needs, and desires because they don’t want to destroy their relationship. But keeping them to yourself will cause other problems and usually end it anyway. Several of my male clients have all told me the same thing. “The best …

It's time to stop blaming your parents for your issues

Time to Stop Blaming Your Parents

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Are your childhood issues ruining your relationships? If so, I have to tell you that’s your fault, not your parents. But that’s good news! Because you have the power to stop allowing your demons to sabotage your chance at true love. Stop blaming your parents and start taking action to improve …