How to Deal with Fear to Help Your Relationship

How to Deal with Fear to Help Your Relationship

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I believe fear is the root of all relationship problems. The most common fears are fear of abandonment, fear of intimacy, fear of commitment, fear of change, fear of rejection, fear of failure, and even fear of success. Everyone has fear on some level. We develop it in our childhood. …

How to tell if you are being paranoid or you should trust your instincts.

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How do you feel when your partner isn’t with you? Do you worry about who he or she may potentially meet, or might be spending time with? Do you frequently call or text to check-up? Do you need constant contact and reassurance of his or her feelings for you?

Pining for your relationship's amazing beginning.

Are You Pining For Your Relationship’s Amazing Beginning?

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Are you holding on to the fantasy that all the good things that happened at the beginning of your relationship truly define who your lover is? Are you hoping he or she will change and go back to being the ideal partner you initially thought he or she was? Pining …

Being in love is not a good enough reason to stay in a bad relationship.

When and How to Leave a Relationship

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Love can conquer all. It sounds so simple, right? Wrong! One of the hardest concepts to accept is that loving someone just isn’t enough. Too many men and women allow themselves to become doormats because they believe true love will triumph. They’re convinced that there will never be another person …

Forgive or Get Out You never get to nag your partner

Forgive or Get Out

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Don’t be a hater. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. A major cause of breakups is not putting squabbles and resentments to rest. You need to forgive or get out! Nagging will never help you. Consistently throwing past events in your partner’s face can only …

People do what they want to do. Don't make excuses for them.

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People do what they want to do. If you always remind yourself of that, it really is quite simple. As caring beings, we usually like to give people the benefit of the doubt. We frequently conjure up pleasant scenarios to explain away undesirable behavior: “he’s really busy at work,” “she’s

how to recognize a commitmentphobic

How to Recognize a Commitmentphobic

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What makes it so hard to recognize a commitmentphobic and even comprehend at first is that most people, both men and women, who say they’re looking for commitment or marriage are actually doing just that. Most of them want to be in a loving relationship with all of their heart, …