What to do if your ex comes back now that you're in a good relationship.

Should I Take My Ex Back? Or Stay With My New Love?

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After a breakup, most people don’t stop thinking about their ex until they fall in love with someone else. Therefore, when you first meet someone new you may still have feelings for your ex. That can really complicate things if your ex decides s/he wants to get back together with …

If you still have hope to get back together you should not be friends.

Should I Be Friends With My Ex?

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If you were to be completely honest with yourself you would know that you do not want to be friends with your ex. What you want is to keep him or her in your life because you hope to get back together. The thought of completely losing him or her …

Going from a committed relationship to just sex should feel demeaning.

Should I Have Sex With My Ex?

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Sex can be an awful lot like comfort food. In the moment, it’s all about pleasure. It’s hot, fun, and yummy—sometimes even decadent—and the consequences are far from any present concern. But when it’s over, you might not be left feeling comfortable. You may even feel a lot worse. If …

Venting is actually perpetuating your anger.

How to Stop Being Angry

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When you’re angry do you vent to anyone who will listen? If you’re angry at your ex or anyone else do you fantasize about how you would like to tell them off or contemplate how to get revenge? If so, does it help you feel better? Or if you were …

Yuu need to take care of your own needs.

Should I Give an Ultimatum?

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We have all heard stories about someone who gave their partner an ultimatum and got what he or she wanted. But I’m sure you have also heard about someone who tried to give an ultimatum and it ended badly, maybe that was even you. So why is it that ultimatums …