Going from a committed relationship to just sex should feel demeaning.

Should I Have Sex With My Ex?

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Sex can be an awful lot like comfort food. In the moment, it’s all about pleasure. It’s hot, fun, and yummy—sometimes even decadent—and the consequences are far from any present concern. But when it’s over, you might not be left feeling comfortable. You may even feel a lot worse. If …

How to Stop Being Angry

How to Stop Being Angry

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When you’re angry do you vent to anyone who will listen? If you’re angry at your ex or anyone else do you fantasize about how you would like to tell them off or contemplate how to get revenge? If so, does it help you feel better? Or if you were …

You need to feel lovable to stop being jealous.

Stop Being Jealous to Save Your Relationship

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It’s been said that it’s not love that is blind, but jealousy. When left unbridled, jealousy is an incredibly destructive emotion. But if you give jealousy vision, you can use it as an insightful tool to determine the quality of your relationship. Jealousy has several different characterizations, but at its core, …

Should I Give an Ultimatum

Should I Give an Ultimatum?

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We have all heard stories about someone who gave their partner an ultimatum and got what he or she wanted. But I’m sure you have also heard about someone who tried to give an ultimatum and it ended badly, maybe that was even you. So why is it that ultimatums …

Should We Get Back Together?

Should We Get Back Together?

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Most of my clients come to me wanting their ex back. Sometimes it truly was a relationship worth saving, and I help reunite them and make it even better than it was before. However, more frequently I end up showing him or her how their relationship was dysfunction, and why …

How to Deal with Fear to Help Your Relationship

How to Deal with Fear to Help Your Relationship

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I believe fear is the root of all relationship problems. The most common fears are fear of abandonment, fear of intimacy, fear of commitment, fear of change, fear of rejection, fear of failure, and even fear of success. Everyone has fear on some level. We develop it in our childhood. …

First two months of a relationship

The Truth About the First Two Months of a Relationship

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When you know you know! How many times have you heard someone say that? Many people will say they knew right away that he or she was “the one” as soon as they met their husband or wife. But in reality, you can only know that a person has great …

How to tell if you are being paranoid or you should trust your instincts.

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How do you feel when your partner isn’t with you? Do you worry about who he or she may potentially meet, or might be spending time with? Do you frequently call or text to check-up? Do you need constant contact and reassurance of his or her feelings for you?

Pining for your relationship's amazing beginning.

Are You Pining For Your Relationship’s Amazing Beginning?

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Are you holding on to the fantasy that all the good things that happened at the beginning of your relationship truly define who your lover is? Are you hoping he or she will change and go back to being the ideal partner you initially thought he or she was? Pining …

You can stop feeling rejected if you decide you don't want that person.

How to Stop Feeling Rejected

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Your perception is your reality. Your brain receives stimuli and information and forms an opinion. What makes relationships tricky is that no two brains perceive information the same way, not even in identical twins. So what seems very real to you may seem ridiculous to someone else. This doesn’t make …

Being in love is not a good enough reason to stay in a bad relationship.

When and How to Leave a Relationship

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Love can conquer all. It sounds so simple, right? Wrong! One of the hardest concepts to accept is that loving someone just isn’t enough. Too many men and women allow themselves to become doormats because they believe true love will triumph. They’re convinced that there will never be another person …

Getting revenge on your ex

Getting Revenge on Your Ex

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They say success is the best revenge. But that’s only true if you’re not trying to get revenge. So if you’re thinking about getting revenge on your ex I warn you it may backfire. Anything you do to purposefully show off for your ex is always transparent, and typically makes …

stop cyber stalking your ex Ignorance is Bliss

Why You Need to Stop Cyber Stalking Your Ex

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A social media user has easy access to potential heartbreak. That’s why you need to stop cyber stalking your ex. I’ve always believed that snooping is a bad idea. If you find something that upsets you in your snooping, you can’t ask about it without admitting that you were snooping. …

Forgive or Get Out You never get to nag your partner

Forgive or Get Out

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Don’t be a hater. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. A major cause of breakups is not putting squabbles and resentments to rest. You need to forgive or get out! Nagging will never help you. Consistently throwing past events in your partner’s face can only …